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Every Sunday
8:45 to 11:45am

complete worship

sessions start at
8:45am and 10:30am

The Complete Church worship experience is like a three-legged stool:
if one leg is missing, the stool can't function.


A complete worship service includes corporate worship - attending one of two gatherings in the sanctuary; education & fellowship - participating in a Community Gathering, Adult Bible Fellowship or Sunday School Class; and ministry service - committing to regularly serve in your area of giftedness.

Both services contain the following elements seeking to point us toward glorifying our Savior:

Music, communion meditation and weekly partaking of communion, offertory, ministry highlight and announcements, sermon (normally in an expository style with the same passage is preached both services), prayer, and an opportunity to receive Christ through baptism or place membership.

The classic service is held at 8:45a, and the worship music is mainly underscored by piano and organ and selections include traditional hymns and well-known choruses led by a worship leader and team of vocalists. On occasion, an accoustic or bass guitar and drums are part of some of the songs.
The modern service is held at 10:30a, and the worship music is regularly underscored by piano, guitar(s) and drums, singing contemporary worship music, modern treatment of classic hymns, and original music. Our worship leader will often lead from piano and is joined by a team of vocalists. On occasion, synthesizer, brass and/or woodwind, and other percussion instruments join the blend. Our students ministry (grades 6 and up) joins the worship segment of the service and are released after communion for the remainder of the service to be led by our Youth & Family Minister in the second floor youth auditorium.


2015 Sessions:
Winter ~ January 14-March 25
Spring ~ April 15-May 20
Fall~ August 5 - November 18

(excluding October 28)