Mission & Vision

Mission: Inviting Everyone to Life with Jesus

Vision: Jesus Centered People Building a Community of Greater Love.

Strategy: Care. Connect. Challenge.


Beliefs are not worth much unless they are translated into actions. These are guiding principles that identify who we are; not theologically, but practically. 

We are Contributors, not Consumers.

 Following Jesus does not include sitting on the side lines. From the first time Jesus said to someone, “come, follow me” he has been inviting people into a lifestyle of thrilling adventure characterized by actions like giving, serving and sharing. We look like Jesus most when we are contributing to the needs of others.

We Take the Low Place.

 Jesus set an amazing example for us by washing the feet of his disciples. We take that to heart. There is no job too small for any believer at CCC. No hierarchy that sets some people over others. We’re all in this together and we will all do whatever it takes. 

 We Set the Table.                                                                                                    When you invite guests into your home for the first time, you work hard to create a warm, welcoming space for them to connect with you. We believe that we can open doors for the Gospel by creating engaging environments, providing excellent services and putting our best foot forward in every area. If our facility is a place where people will hear the Good News about Jesus, we want it to be a place they are willing, and even excited, to show up multiple times.

We Practice Reckless Generosity

The early church was characterized by selfless giving. Their authentic, indestructible community was built on generosity. We aspire to that same lifestyle. We too are building irresistible community. We believe followers of Jesus should give away more money, tip better, sacrifice more, than any other people in our community. We want this engraved on our tombstone – “That Church was Recklessly Generous”.