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 Jesus’ invitation to discover life in Him is much more than securing your place in heaven, it’s an invitation into an abundant life that provides the peace, joy, and purpose we all seek. CCC’s leadership believes that becoming a disciple of Jesus isn’t just for a select few, but all who call Jesus their Lord and Savior. Our role as leaders is to equip and prepare God’s people for works of service in His kingdom and help them grow in their understanding and relationship to Him.

Our Christian Education Program is intended to equip you to become a healthy and effective disciple of Jesus. Our call to follow Him includes living out His mission and learning how to love God and our neighbors as He does. Our courses and group studies not only will help increase your knowledge and understanding of God and His word, but how to take new steps in your faith journey with Jesus.

The program is designed to help you grow as a complete disciple. While all our courses are Bible-based, they cover the various aspects of our human nature that are meant to be transformed by the gospel of Jesus. The Great Commandment challenges us to love God with our heart, mind, soul, & strength. As Jesus’ disciples, we are to continue growing more like Him in love by learning to take on His heart, mind, soul, & strength… to imitate his way of life.

Because of this, we have three course areas to help us develop and grow in the various aspects of our life as followers. They are meant to equip us to become more Jesus-centered in our beliefs, our perspective on the world, and helping us align our habits and behaviors with the way of Jesus. Our goal is to see each person taking a variety of these three areas to grow holistically… becoming mature in our heart, mind, and souls like Jesus.

We believe that the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus. These courses are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge on how to read, understand, and interact with the Bible in a personal way. While some courses will cover key books of the Bible, many are designed to help you understand the larger story, key themes and key imagery that are often missed by modern readers. The better we can understand the Bible and its message, to better we can know our God who loves us.

Each person has a particular lens by which they view the world. It is colored and shaded by the wisdom, stories, and experiences of our family, friends, and society. While those lenses help us navigate the world around us, they often distort the true nature of world. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to see the world from his perspective. He challenges us to see things from God’s kingdom first. Our worldview courses will cover aspects such as developing a kingdom mindset instead of accepting our culture’s lenses as well as studying core doctrines of the Christian faith that should shape our understanding of the nature of our universe.

Following Jesus should change how we lead our lives. What are the key habits that should be normal for a Jesus-centered life? What spiritual practices help me grow in my relationship with Jesus and help me impact the people around me? We break this area down into three aspects: Spiritual Formation (our habits that help us grow and connect to God and others), Disciple-Making (how to have spiritual conversations and invite others to life with Jesus), and Life Stage (what to expect as we traverse the various seasons of life: parenting, marriage mentoring, mid-life changes, caring for aging parents, being single, etc.)

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