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The Introduction to Cicero Christian Church Class:
The Gateway to Membership and Meaningful Community at CCC

Cicero Christian Church welcomes everyone to worship with us and attend our events and ministry opportunities. However, we also have a core group of members who are "all in" with CCC and who model our values. Members of CCC have professed Jesus as Lord, attend Sunday worship with high regularity, and are involved in some form of community at the church (MicroChurch, Christian Education, Serving, etc.). 

Introduction to Cicero Christian Church is a 3-week course that introduces people to CCC and explains our background, core beliefs and an overview of what matters most to our church and leadership team. It also gives some intentional next steps for discovering life with Jesus as well as for what it means to be a member of the church (the Cicerofam). Click the link below to sign up for the next Intro to CCC.

To begin the process of becoming a member, sign up here for the Intro to CCC class!