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Mission to the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation near Show Low, Arizona.

Director Visits Cicero Christian Church

April 22, 2012

Cicero Christian Church welcomes Matt McLean of Dunamis Christian Mission, Inc., which ministers to hundreds of Native Americans of the White Mountain Apache Tribe located in the White Mountains of Arizona. Dunamis is one of the “Living Links” of Cicero Christian Church. (A Living Link is provided monthly financial provision from our mission budget, which is funded by 11.5% of all general offerings.)  

Dunamis started in 2002 after a couple’s mission trip to the White Mountain Apache Tribe prompted further action. A steering committee based out of Cicero Christian Church was formed with Greg and Beth Smith committed to expand the ministry efforts to the Apache Nation, and they moved to a rental house in Show Low, Arizona near the Reservation in the summer of 2003.

It soon became apparent that a church plant was in order on the Reservation. Dunamis was instrumental in the inception of White Mountain Apache Christian Church, a non-denominational Christ-centered church. Services were briefly held at the middle school on the Reservation, and then in 2004 the church rented space from the Crisis Pregnancy Center nearby.

The leadership expanded to a board of directors and included individuals from other churches, and 501(c)(3) status which allowed Dunamis to receive tax deductible donations directly from contributors.


Matt & Karen McLean are pictured in front of the Worship
Center at Dunamis Ranch, which hosts teams who come to
serve on White Mountain Apache Reservation.

It was a goal from nearly the beginning of the ministry to have a property to build a house for the Missionaries and also a facility to house mission teams. In 2005, 36 acres were purchased about an hour from the Reservation and “The Ranch” became a reality. A home for the Missionaries on Dunamis Ranch was completed in the same year, with nearly all volunteer labor.

In the fall of 2007, the church (WMACC) leased a new building on the reservation and left the Pregnancy Center facility. Though it didn’t look much like a church (it was a furniture store in its previous life), the new church has a great location, and gave WMACC room to expand. With rather extensive remodeling by work groups, the “house was made a home,” and WMACC finally had its own place.

Through this whole process of expansion and building, ministry work was always on the front of Dunamis’ agenda. Emphasis was continually placed on jail ministry, but also expanded to many different areas ranging from Rainbow Treatment Center to Bus Ministry (“mobile” children’s ministry) and much more. Work teams continued to be an important part of the ministry, hosting as many as 20 teams a year. These teams can range from 4 to 30 people and always complete a project on the reservation. Anytime there is a need, Dunamis tries to be there.

There have also been numerous interns along the way. They proved to be invaluable in sharing the responsibility of the ministry, especially during team season. A couple of the interns have even stayed to continue their service on the reservation after their time with Dunamis was over.

In 2010, when former Director Greg Smith decided it was time to leave the ministry. Dunamis was blessed to find a replacement quickly, and the spring of 2010, Matt and Karen McLean from Columbus, Indiana moved to Dunamis. Matt has a unique gift of relating to Apache men while Karen’s organizational skills have proven to be invaluable in orchestrating mission teams. Both have a dedication to the Apache people and truly desire to see them grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. Matt and Karen are especially strong in the team building area and are an integral part of WMACC where they conduct youth classes as well as assisting with preaching, and are involved with adult education.

God has faithfully, though not without trials, blessed Dunamis Ministry. We are excited for what God has in mind for Dunamis, and look forward to many lives being touched in the future.

For more information on Dunamis or to inquire about scheduling a mission team to the Reservation, contact Matt & Karen at 928-205-8582, or Keith Schoettmer, Ron McGill, Dan Conder, or Dave McGill, Dunamis board members from Cicero Christian Church.

Support for the ministry is always needed and appreciated and can be given through the church (mark “Dunamis”) or mailed to Dunamis Ministries, PO Box 20, Cicero, IN 46072

Pictured at right is the building which houses the White Mountain Apache Christian Church. It is located on 1.5 acres, on the main highway, across from the high school, next to Northern Pioneer College, and a half mile from the Bashas’ grocery store.


Dunamis Ranch to Welcome New Directors

March 2010

On March 16, 2010, Greg Smith (who has served as Director at Dunamis Ranch and Minister at White Mountain Apache Christian Church) informed the Dunamis Board Chairman that after much thought and prayer he was resigning from Dunamis Ministries to pursue other opportunities. The board was saddened by this news. 

The Dunamis Board members immediately began communications with the Worship Team at the White Mountain Apache Christian Church (WMACC) to ensure the ongoing viability and mission work of the church located on the White Mountain Apache Indiana Reservation.  Those very capable team members (Bob & Carolyn Eikenberry, Pete & Kim Kemp, Kurt & Kelle Foland, Frank & Zarine Estelle and Vanessa Hammond) have enthusiastically accepted the challenge to continue our Dunamis Ministries partnership and to keep the WMACC functioning and serving their members needs.  The average weekly Sunday morning attendance varies between 100 to 150 men, women and children, and services include weekly prayer meetings, men’s prayer breakfast group, women’s group, and jail and recovery support group meetings. The WMACC has a great working relationship with the Apache tribal members and we are confident that will be maintained.

Dunamis Ranch, located about an hour from the reservation, has been without a director on site since August.  Dunamis' Board has since been seeking a couple whose function would be to maintain the property and to help accommodate the 15 to 20 Missionary Teams that come every year to do ministry work on the reservation.  The WMACC worship team has been very supportive and assists with the missionary groups that come each year and will enthusiastically continue to do so. The Dunamis Board was successful in finding Matt & Karen McLean from Columbus, Indiana to be camp directors and will be moving to the Ranch April 15, 2010 to begin their ministry with Dunamis and look forward to having an active roll at WMACC.

The Dunamis Board sincerely thanks you for your past prayers and financial support.  We covet your continued prayers and financial support for Dunamis and look forward to hearing from you; or better yet, having you visit the Ranch and experience the ministry that is going on there and at WMACC.

If you have any questions or concerns please, please call one of our church members who serve on the board: Keith Schoettmer or Ron McGill; or WMACC worship team member Bob Eikenberry or Pete Kemp. Contact information is available from the Cicero Christian Church office. 


Dunamis Ranch Worship Center Construction

June & July, 2007

Hanging drywall, finishing's rough, but ready for visitors to sleep in the worship center now instead of the Smith's garage! A group of 30 arrived in late June to do just that.

Lots of drywall awaits in the main room of the worship center. The view is toward the entrance to the restrooms and sleeping areas.

The same basic, view, but now the walls are closed in and the finishing work has begun. The kitchen area will be in the far corner.

Preparation for a privacy screen in the bathroom stall in one of the two large restrooms.


At right is the rough and ready men's restroom. There is a temporary sink and lighting. See the pattern of the non-stick flooring at the bottom of the image.

The mattresses have moved from the Smith's garage to the worship center! The bottom right shows it was a bit crowded in the garage!

Painting is being done on the home built for the missionaries at Dunamis Ranch.

This is Nicky and her baby sister Vicky with Kennedy. Vicky has 4-5 holes in her heart.  She is having surgery later this summer.

At a church service on the reservation. There were two baptisms in the river. People were there to “party” at the river and they had a big surprise when 45 of us showed up for baptisms!!  We all sang “Now I belong to Jesus” and it was very touching.

April 2007

In April 2007 a work crew continued work on plumbing rough in, installing the heating and air conditioning units, wiring the electrical, pouring the porch floor and constructing a 3-sided porch roof, and installing windows.

Click here to see photos from Kip's (Cicero Christian Church's Kindness in Progress Servant Evangelism mascot) mission trip in April, 2007.

December 2006

framing, floors, under roof

The new worship center at Dunamis Ranch outside Show Low, Arizona is under construction. These photos (above) are from John and Sharon Knapp and Dan and Pam Conder who visited in early December, 2006. Dunamis Christian Ministries, Inc. ministers to the White Mountain Apache Nation.