Church Online

Join us LIVE on Sunday

 Mornings at 10:30 am!


The church has never been about a building. Even though we cannot meet in a physical location- we can still be THE CHURCH.  We encourage you to engage with our online presence during this time & take advantage of  resources we provide for your family with ways to stay connected to God & our church community!  

Watch Online

 Content will automatically start playing when we go  live @10:30am.

You can comment, request prayer, read scripture, and follow sermon notes as we go through this platform. 
We will also livestream through our Facebook page: Cicero Christian Church.


During communion we encourage you to partake at home. We will lead you through a time of communion weekly! Feel free to grab some crackers & juice & join in! 


Please continue to give.  Sunday morning worship is a small part of who we are and what we do as the cicero fam. We continue to support missionaries, locally and abroad, keep our building open for those who need it, employ a team of staff and pastors who are working to serve our church and community. Your reckless generosity allows ministry to continue. If you are giving online, thanks and keep it up! If not, consider using our App, Website or your own online banking for ways to give electronically.


We want to continue to worship together. Though our voices won't be combined in one room- 
we would encourage you to sing along & worship right where you are. 
You don't need to be in the worship center to express worship towards God.  
Your living room is just as good! We know it might feel weird at first- 
but what if this is an opportunity to introduce worshiping together as a family unit into our weekly rhythms as together?  Take advantage of this unique opportunity & lean in!    

Family Resources

We know that added time at home means you will be searching for some stuff to do with your kids. We want to help resources you as often as we can! We will be posting that content here & on our Facebook page  so be sure to tune in for those! Any upcoming Virtual events to be aware of will show up below! 

Family Trivia Night:

March 24th @ 5:30pm. Tune in LIVE to join on on Trivia Night! Each member of the ministry staff has created their own section of trivia questions to challenge the other pastors with! You will get to compete as a family against whichever staff member is in the Hot Seat for that round! Tune in on Facebook or by following this link at 5:30pm to join in! We will give a brief instruction before we begin! 


Family Challenges:

Check out this video from Pastor Amber to learn more about some fun things you can do with your family during this time! 


Current Challenge: Great job building your forts! We will update on FB and right here when the next challenge launches! 

Kids Lessons: 

The Treehouse:  3-22-20


Clubhouse: 3-22-20

Student Ministry

Until further notice ALL student ministry activities have been canceled.  This includes MSM, HSM, & MvMnT. 

Middle School:

Students:  Be sure to follow our Cicero Students Facebook & Instagram pages. We will be posting videos & discussion questions each week for you to engage with! We recommend video calling to your small group, texting your friends about what you learn, or watching the videos with your family & talking about it after using our discussion guides!

Parents of Students:  We know that without youth group you may be wondering how your child can stay connected to Jesus. We want help you engage with what they will be learning digitally during this time. Check out this Parent Resource below for some tips on how to keep your student engaged & how to be their small group leader during this time!



High School:

Be sure to follow our Cicero Students Facebook & Instagram pages. We will be posting content & challenges for you to engage with through that medium! We think its going to be super fun and you won't want to miss out!


Adult Resources & Challenges 

This page will serve two purposes:

1. Provide Resources & tutorials on how to stay connected digitally to your micro church, cicierofam, & the community at large. 

2. We believe this could be an awesome opportunity  to introduce some healthy spiritual rhythms into your life. We will be posting resources on prayer, sabbath, etc. Its our hope that these will help you in your daily rhythms with God but also teach you some new ways to connect with Him! 



How can I stay connected to my Microchurch?

  • We recommend using Zoom to video conference with your group. To use zoom you need to have the app downloaded onto your phone. 
  • Be sure to call & check in on one another! An encouraging text or a phone call asking how someone is doing can go a long way! 

How do I join in for live Sunday morning services?

  • You can access the LIVE feed from the website or Facebook.
  • To access it from the website just click HERE. Or, head to the Church Online Tab and click Watch Live!
  • You will be able to watch, comment, ask for prayer, & interact with the other people watching! 
  • We will have a full worship service. Worship, communion, offering & a sermon! 


Spiritual Formation

Over the next few weeks we will be updating this page with resources & challenges you can do. We believe this could be a great time to introduce healthy spiritual rhythms into your life & even into the rhythm of your family unit! 



Guided Prayer: Check out these guided prayer experiences! 

Be Still Exercise.docx






Community Resources:

 Do you need help?

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Ride to the doctor
  • Ride to pick up your medication
  • Getting connected to Angels Attic?  *See more info below

Angels Attic:

Angels Attic is a local food pantry & clothing/household goods ministry. If you have an ongoing need or do not currently have the funds to buy groceries- Angels attic is a great place to get connected. Fill out this form and we will connect you! 


What can you do to help in this time?

The best thing you can do is stay home as often as possible. However- we do have a few ways you can get involved to help community members in need.

  • First & Foremost- check in on your neighbors. If you know anyone who is any high risk or who may not be able to leave the house much- check in to see what they need! You can direct them to our website to fill out a form if you yourself cannot help! 
  • Donate Items to Angels Attic.  They are currently looking for the following items: 
    -Toilet Paper
    -Paper Towels
    -Hand Sanitizer
    -Creamy Peanut Butter
    -Grape Jelly
    -Canned Ravioli
    -Breakfast Cereal
    Drop off information:
    Best is back door of the pantry Tuesday/Thursday 5:00 – 7 pm or call 317-62-ATTIC (317-622-8842) and we will make arrangements.   
  • Sign up to be on call to help people who contact the church with Grocery Shopping, running errands, rides to the doctor, etc.  You can sign up HERE.