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Student Ministry

Until further notice ALL student ministry activities have been canceled.  This includes MSM, HSM, & MvMnT.  Check out the latest updates from Pastors Justin & Katie!

Middle School & High School Students:

Join us every week on Monday nights for a podcast style video with Justin & Katie called JK in the workshop. These videos will be available on Facebook, here one the web, as well as on our church YouTube channel. We will discuss these when we meet on Thursdays for Zoom! 


JK in the Workshop:

Current Series: STUCK


Join us on Thursday nights at 6pm for zoom! We will start as a large group- and split off into smaller groups with just your age group & gender! You won't want to miss this!


Parents of Students:

We know that this has been a difficult time for you & your kids. We want to support you however we can. Check out some Parent Resources about how to talk to your kids about what's going on in our world below! 

Middle School Resources:

  • How  should I talk to my student about COVID-19?                                          Talking Points.pdf
  • Anxiety/Fear- how do I talk with my student experiencing anxiety or fear.  Anxiety_CG_MS.pdf
  • Crisis- how to talk to my student when scary things happen in the world.  CrisisCG_MS.pdf

High School Resources:

  • How to talk to my HS student about Crisis:                                    CrisisCG_HS.pdf
  • How to talk to my HS student about Fear/Anxeity                  Anxiety_CG_HS.pdf