FIVE2 Essentials

Jesus challenged his disciples with what seemed like an impossible task: feed 5,000 people with meager resources. While the disciples doubted they could do it, a young boy brought to Jesus an offering of 5 loaves and 2 fish. Jesus took what the boy offered, multiplied it and everyone ate till they were full. Jesus calls each of us to be a part of his mission. Often, we think what we have to offer is too small to make a difference. But just as Jesus took the boy’s offering and multiplied it, Jesus takes what we have to offer (our Five2) and is able to accomplish more than we ever could imagine.

Our Five2 Program centers on the belief that everyone has been given a gift and responsibility to build others up in order to expand Jesus’ kingdom. We identify 5 qualities that followers of Jesus need to continually grow in. We call these our Five2 Essentials. 

Servant Leadership: Leveraging My Influence to Serve Others
Spirit Led: Learning to Follow the Holy Spirit’s Leading
Self-Leadership: Creating Healthy Habits Based on Jesus’ Values
Courage: Choosing to Move Forward in Spite of Fear
Relational IQ: Understanding My Impact on Others

We encourage everyone wishing to serve on a ministry team to attend our Five2 trainings. We hope that by going through the Five2 trainings you will learn how to effectively offer your Five2 and watch Jesus take it and multiply it. 


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