Sherry Strauss

Sherry Strauss

Sherry Strauss

Financial Secretary

Sherry Strauss grew up on a farm in Carrol County. As an adult, she lived and worked in Indianapolis until she realized she did not want to raise her daughter there...and she found Cicero! Sherry started attending CCC in 1996, married Tom in 1998 (theirs was the last wedding in our Jackson Street building), and joined the CCC office team in 2001.

Where I went to school: Carroll High School

My hobbies/interests: My family, music, reading computer graphics

My proudest moment: Watching my daughter take care of her son

My soundtrack for life: I can't pick ONE - after all music is one of my hobbies/interests - so....Your Grace Still Amazes Me - Phillips Craig and Dean; Here for You - Chris Tomlin; Nothing Without You - Bebo Norman; Free to be Me - Francesca BAttestelli; You Raise Me Up or Press On - Selah; I could name more.

My favorite Starbucks drink: anything chocolate, cinnamon or caramel